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What Are Ticks And What Are The Diseases Caused By Ticks?

Ticks are annoying pests which troubles the life of our loving pets in many ways. Most of the dog owners are yet to be educated about the danger of ticks to their pets, come and know more about what are ticks, their types and diseases caused to your pets by them.

Like dog fleas, ticks are also small and wingless parasites which suck the blood of your pet animals and feed on it. There are about 850 flea species available worldwide and among all here are listed the most common tick types.


  • Deer ticks
  • Lone star ticks
  • Brown dog ticks
  • Rocky Mountain dog ticks
  • Gulf Coast ticks
  • American dog ticks

Ticks are known to spread diseases easily from one animal to another and to humans also. Ticks are known as carriers for Lyme’s diseases. These ticks trouble the health of your pet, leading to several health problems for pets.

There are 3 families of tick among them, soft and hard ticks which occur in the United States potentially carry diseases to animals as well as to humans.

Here are listed the diseases caused by ticks

  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever: this is a bacterium borne diseases, carried by lone star and American dog ticks. It occurs throughout the United States in the month of May and October. Rashes on the body as well as continuous fever are symptoms of the disease.
  • Lyme Diseases: It is transmitted by Dear tick and considered as common diseases spread by ticks. If left untreated this disease may cause joint pain, lameness and even serious kidney problems to pets. One can watch for below symptoms for Lyme’s diseases in your pet which includes lethargy, fevers and skin rashes.
  • Tick Paralysis: Saliva of ticks may cause paralysis to pets especially to cats. It is essential to treat the problems with the help of vet before the symptoms get worsen which includes weak legs, lethargic lifestyle etc.
  • Ehrlichiosis: This disease is comparatively common in dogs and carrier for this disease is the brown dog tick.
  • Babesiosis: It is common in both dogs and cats and carrier of this disease is American dog and the brown dog tick. Puppies are commonly affected by this problem; common symptoms are fever, lethargy and enlarged lymph nodes. Your veterinarian is the best person to ask for suitable treatment.
  • Tularemia: It shows same symptoms as that of Babesiosis and to avoid confusion it is necessary to speak to a veterinarian to get it correct in time.
  • Cytauxzoonosis: Mostly seen in cats and to treat your pet removal of ticks is important.

It is mandatory to avoid serious health problems and above diseases in your pet hence prevention of ticks is essential. Speak to a veterinarian and ask for ticks removal methods or preventive measures in terms of tick medicines such as generic Frontline which is also known as Aspis Forte.

Avail generic Frontline as it comes at comparatively low prices and works in equal force as that of brand Frontline Plus for dogs and cats.

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