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Top 6 Feline Flea Control Ways

Adult FleaTo try to kill the existing fleas from your furry friend is a lot more painful than preventing the attacks with safe flea medications. Single adult fleas present on your pet can multiply to thousands of fleas and with their growing life cycle, it gets difficult to control them.

Many pet veterinarians suggest that it is almost impossible to eradicate all the existing fleas from your pet’s body and the vets also suggest that to prevent pets from fleas, it is necessary to clean the indoors as well the outside yard. Pet experts also suggest avoiding infestation as it is necessary to restrict the contact of pets from other pets and animals in the surrounding.

Let’s concentrate on top 6 measures to prevent flea attacks 


1. Flea medicines and spray:

These medicines offer results if used timely and as instructed on the label. They offer prevention if used before flea attacks and if you go for flea medicines such as Frontline Plus for dogs and cats then they prevent your pet from fleas and ticks for complete month.

If you prefer spray then you can also bring them home by consulting a veterinarian.

2. Flea dips and baths:

Grooming and cleaning your pet will help to keep parasites away from them. Use flea shampoos preferably herbal once to bath your pet; this will minimize the chance of fleas on them. Go for flea dips to handle emergency flea attacks as this process involves chemicals which may prove harmful for the pets.

3. Flea collars:

Extract the oil of peppermint and rosemary leaves and dip the dog collar in it and then tie it to your pet. This will help to keep fleas away from pets.

4. Vacuuming:

Even a single flea in your home can create a flea menace hence make sure your house is clean and safe from fleas. Vacuum the house daily, clean the pets bedding, carpets and other household things regularly.

5. Flea combs:

Use fine toothed flea combs to kick out the stubborn fleas from your pet’s fur. Clean the fur after bathing your pet and also comb their hair every day to keep check on fleas.

6. Natural flea control:

Lemon sprays and vinegar are used as best flea preventative options instead of flea medications. So you can also go for them.

Try these simple methods to help your furry friends to cope up from the nightmares of fleas and other parasites.

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