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Top 10 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Pet owners want good looking, smart and intelligent pets which are easy to maintain as well. Who doesn’t love an animal that is a status symbol and fun to be with, but such breeds require efforts, time and money to manage.

To solve pet lover’s problem to manage a pet within their factors such as time and budget, here are listed top 10 low maintenance dog breeds.

These given top breeds don’t require hardcore involvement but just minimal exercise or few grooming session to keep them healthy.

The given special dog breeds will suit your personality, home and busy schedules as well and you don’t need to worry about huge maintenance amount as well.


Pugs are sweet and a small breed which hardly sheds a bit throughout the year. However, one can avail it as they require less training and maintenance and hence cost effective and best for families. They don’t even require a big space in the house and can be managed without a backyard.


Less active dog breeds and thus doesn’t require space, through training or neither hard exercise, a little of all the factors will be great to get along with this pet. It is a loyal breed that gets along with kids in a family. It also requires less maintenance for grooming as they have less body hairs.


Smallest dog breed in the world and known as a low- cost maintenance breed. It also requires fewer efforts for almost everything, less grooming, exercise and training.

Yorkshire Terrier:

This is a small dog and long haired but surprisingly does not require that much of grooming. But it is suggested to provide them a good cleaning and brushing to keep them away from fleas and other parasites.

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This pet is considered as toy dogs and does not require a big space in your house.


It is a great dog breed that gets along with children in the family and considered as loyal dog. It has short hairs hence doesn’t shed much and easy to groom at home. One needs to brush the hairs regularly with a fine comb to clean the messy hairs and parasites if any.


Great breed but they are a large dog but require less maintenance. Requires less exercise, grooming as well less space at your home. Hardly sheds and requires fewer efforts to keep them at home and considered as best dog breed for people with allergies.

Japanese Spitz:

This is a small dog breed which sheds hardly, requires everything in moderation such as exercises, grooming and training. One just needs to use a fine toothed flea comb to avoid parasites and unwanted matting.

Bichon Frise:

It is a medium size fluffy dog and possess thick and white coat. This dog breed sheds hardly but requires daily brushing which hardly takes 5-10 minutes to keep them look good and to avoid matting and parasite attacks.


The boxer is a medium dog breed and considered as the most loyal dog for their owners. It sheds hardly and does not require regular grooming but needs to brush daily. The owner doesn’t even have to spend much for training and grooming and can be managed in less space.


These are small dog breeds but are not that kid friendly and do not require regular grooming as they hardly sheds.

So passionate pet owners choose which dog breeds are best suitable for you and accordingly bring them home to enjoy best days of your life.

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