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Tips To Alkalize Dog Fleas

Dog Fleas CureThe best way to prevent dog fleas is to keep your pet in a very healthy condition. One way of doing this is to maintain the PH level of your pet. If this level is maintained then fewer fleas will bite your dog and infect it. A balanced PH level will keep the dog healthy and active. Here are some ways of preventing doing the same. 

Tips to maintain the PH level of a dog

Start feeding raw diet

Feed your dog raw meat in order to maintain its PH level. You can feed any type of raw meat like chicken, beef, turkey, or even fish. Initially feed half-cooked food and then starts feeding it full raw food. You can also feed it uncooked brown rice, oats, sliced carrot, and celery. The diet of the dog must be changed after every two days so that its diet can be maintained properly. This is the natural ways of fleas’ cures.

Feed it low carbohydrate food

Try to feed the dog, food which is low in carbohydrate. This will increase the PH level of the dog and keep it healthy and happy. In case you are buying a dog food then make sure that the PH level of it is maintained. It is always better to buy a high quality dog food to prevent your dog from dog fleas.

Flax seed and garlic

Flax seed and garlic is another way to alkalize dog fleas. These things keep fleas and even ticks far from your dog and keep the pet healthy and happy. You will get these in stores but is suggested to check on the dose before you buy them

Give it purified water

Purified water does not have lead and other metals, which are found in tap water. These metals reduce the PH level in a dog so try giving it purified water.

These were some methods of preventing dog fleas and keeping the dog healthy and happy.

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