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Possible Side-Effects Of Flea Bites In Large Dogs

We all know what kind of havoc does fleas and ticks inflict on dogs and cats. Yes, from severe scratching to not enjoying/rejecting even their favorite foods to staying all alone and isolated, the life of a pet be it small or large goes for a toss.

Frontline Plus For Large Dogs

If you are thinking that this is the end of fleas’ suffering on large dogs, you are in for a surprise. Yes, this is not the end of atrocities that fleas inflict on large dogs. When large dogs are infested with fleas, it comes with strings attached and its nothing but various side-effects that make matters worse.

Let’s know about possible side-effects of flea bites on large dogs and if they could be defeated with a trusted pet vet approved flea medication such as Frontline Plus For Extra Large Dogs

Flea Allergy Dermatitis

This type of allergy is not kicked off by exposure to fleas directly, but caused by fleas’ saliva exposure. This happens when fleas piece deeply, to enjoy a bloody meal and leave various allergens on the body or fur of the large dogs along with amino acids, aromatic compounds and more.

Skin Infections

When the skin becomes inflammable as a result of flea bites, it gives rise to a possibility of various skin infections to also rise. As tissues get damaged, it makes it a vulnerable ground for bacteria to occur. Soon, the skin becomes a ground for more and more attacks from various bacteria and keeps creating intense pain to the animal.

Neurogenic Dermatitis

Dogs may also show behavioral problems due to flea bite dermatitis with a condition called neurogenic dermatitis and is mostly triggered by a dog’s obsessive obsession to lick and chew himself.


Even the appearance of tapeworms and Lyme’s disease is a common side-effect that large dogs have to deal with.


At some times, dogs are so much heavily affected/infested with fleas, their bodies are unable to cope with all the sufferings. As too many fleas suck blood of dogs, this results in low red blood cells (RBC) leading to anemia with most immediate victims being outdoor puppies who just can’t groom themselves.

The condition could be resolved by blood transfusions and with an effective flea control method such as Frontline Plus For Large Dogs.

Frontline Plus For Large Dogs can easily not only cure fleas and ticks effectively, but also keep aforementioned side-effects to crop up and if already under process beat them.

GenericFrontlinePlus is a safe online destination to grab dog flea control product such as Frontline Plus For Large Dogs and many more at affordable prices.     

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