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One Should Know Below Functionalities Of Frontline Plus Flea Medication

Frontline Plus For DogsIf you have noticed fleas and ticks on your pet and took him to a veterinarian and if he has suggested you to use Frontline Plus flea medication on your pooch then you should know below things.

Frontline Plus for dog and cat kill the existing fleas within 18 hours but is it safe for pets? Is it known for any side effects or is it effective to kill all the parasites? Being a responsible pet owner, one should clear all these questions through a vet.


Frontline Plus for dog and cat is a monthly topical solution which works as a preventative and also helps to control existing fleas and ticks. One can avail this product according to dosage by weight for your pet.


It should be applied in most affected areas such as back, area behind ears and neck. This flea control product is approved for kitten and puppies which are older than 8 weeks.

The owner should use gloves to apply this easy- to- use liquid solution on the pets. Frontline Plus is safe to use on pregnant, nursing and breeding animals but vet guidance must be taken regarding this.

Functions and ingredients:

Its active ingredients fipronil and (s) – Methoprene works to kill fleas and destroy the life cycle of fleas. (S) – Methoprene is known to kill eggs and to stop further growth of parasites.


The fipronil present in this flea control product for dog contains some allergens which may cause itching in sensitive pets, but it’s temporary. It is advisable for owners to use a handkerchief around the nose while applying this Frontline Plus flea remedy. Keep children’s away from the product.

Frontline Plus is a highly recommended safe flea control to go for and most of the vets suggest it for pets such as dog and cats. If you see any major side- effects or itching in pets that is sounding rare, consult a vet.

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