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Frontline Spray can be used to remove Fleas From the House

Frontline SprayAs a pet lover, you may buy a pet and bring it home; you will keep the pet on the sofa, your bed and will pamper it extensively. However, along with pets fleas and ticks may also enter into your home. Fleas and ticks are parasites; and to stay alive they suck blood from pets. However, they can survive in our home and wait for an opportunity to get hold of any mammal to drink blood. If they successfully enter in our house, they multiply very rapidly and then we will be in big trouble as fleas infection is harmful for pets as well as for humans. To fight against these parasites we need to buy very effective medication such as Frontline Spray.

Frontline Spray is different version of Frontline Plus. This is very effective medication to kill fleas and ticks in animals. Frontline Spray can be used to spray at home also to kill fleas and ticks. Now we will see how to use it.

Instructions for how to use Frontline Spray

  • For breeding, parasites prefer animal fur, so we need to clean them regularly. To control and kill these fleas and ticks we have to use Frontline Spray on animal’s fur. As a precaution, we have to use gloves or comb through your pet’s fur. According to Fleas Control Guide, flea spray is effective to kill all types of fleas and ticks in home also.
  • Use Vacuum cleaner to clean floors and curtains. Frontline flea spray will only kill live fleas, but flea larvae can survive. Flea larvae can be present in dog beds or every place where pet is playing and sleeping. To minimize this risk you have to clean every pet accessory such as doghouse, dog bed etc.
  • Vacuuming is also effective to remove flea larvae from carpet and paralyzes live fleas. For complete removal dispose the vacuum bags after each use of the vacuum because, they may have survived from re-infesting the home.
  • Air out the sprayed areas for a minimum of 2 hours and avoid breathing in potentially toxic flea treatment fumes.
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