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Do A Better Flea Control With Essential Oils

Pets are most important relation of your life you need to pay more attention to their health in return for their love and loyalty to you. Your pet is a kind of big support of many people emotionally as well as physically. That’s the reason they are called as companions you can play and can take walks, and speak with and they help you to protect your property and there for you to assist you with lots of daily jobs.

If your pet is that important for you and stands there as a core part of your family then why go for synthetic and harsh side-effects causing flea medications in order to provide flea prevention for them?

Learn the ways how you can prepare the effective flea control solutions with natural essential oils at home with cost effective ways. Help yourself and your pet to avoid the risk of pesky pests with natural ways.

  1. Mix 10 drops of Cedarwood, 10 drops of lavender, 10 drops of citronella and 10 drops of citronella into the jar of alcohol. This mixture actually works as a great repellant for all types of blood sucking parasites. It is advisable to use all types of oils instead of single oils as blend of oil works more effectively.
  2. Keep the blend of 12 to 14 cups of rubbing alcohol into a glass jar with a screw lit in it. This will work for long 10 to 15 days; you just have to apply this solution daily on your pet’s body to repel parasites such as flea and ticks.
  3. Prepare the flea collar at home with the help of peppermint oil; this will avoid the attacks of fleas when your pet is outside.
  4. Use lemon and vinegar spray to control, prevent and avoid the fleas and ticks. These ingredients work best in keeping parasites away from your pooch.
  5. One can also go for safe flea medications which are recommended by a veterinarian in case of emergency flea eradication.

Try these simple tips to help your pooch stay fit and away from parasites attacks and dangerous diseases that could occur to them.


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