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Checklist For Pets First-Aid Materials

First-Aid KitBeing a responsible pet owner, you should have all the necessary things required to handle a pet in case of any emergencies, injuries and bad health. And to deal with sudden medical emergencies; owner should be ready with well-organized and equipped first-aid kit kept in a definite place.

Make sure that the first-aid kit is having all the updated equipment which is recommended by a veterinary. Be prepared for below mentioned sudden pet emergencies:

  • If your pet falls down from the stairs and starts limping then you needs to have a particular lotion and first-aid equipment for that.
  • If your pet gets injuries from seizure or any household stuff then you should be prepared for it.
  • If your pet is overheating on a sunny day and faint you should know what to do first.

Always remember that before planning the first-aid kit, you should cross check it with your veterinarian to know the perfect first action. First-aid doesn’t mean that your pet does not require a veterinarian visit further; it’s just a starting treatment and you need to rush to hospital for further treatment.

Checklist of first-aid kit

  • Your pet’s medical records: Keep all the records arranged in a file for the convenience of a vet for better and quick treatment.
  • Phone numbers of the vets.
  • Address of a vet written in a note in case you are not around.
  • Number of animal poison control center.
  • Gauze: to wrap wounds or to muzzle the injured pet.
  • Towels, Non-stick bandages: This will help to control bleeding.
  • Digital Thermometer: To check its temperature, do not insert it in a mouth as it should be taken rectally.
  • Stretcher, leash and dog collar.

Make sure you are ready with preventatives for common problems on your pets such as for flea problems you should be ready with flea medications such as Frontline plus For dog and cats.

Buy above necessary things for the first-aid box and give a healthy life to your pets.


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