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Celebrate 4th July With Your Healthy Pooch

US Independence Day is ready to hit; it is a federal holiday of the US and people prefer to celebrate it in mass with friends and family. Pets being the integral part of the family are also getting excited to enjoy the celebration, but if your pet is at a risk of flea and ticks or having any kind of health issue will it be able to enjoy the day? Definitely not, hence to find the way out GenericFrontlinePlus has decided to dedicate this day to pet owners and their lovely pets.

The idea is to spread happiness for animals as well their masters on this auspicious occasion of US Independence Day, GenericFrontlinePlus has decided to provide a 20% discount on all safe generic flea medications of Frontline Plus. That means owner can now avail:

  1. Generic Frontline Plus topical flea medication: It comes in easy to apply, waterproof liquid solution. Its effect remains for more than 30 days and one time application help pets avoid deadly diseases caused by attack of blood sucking parasites.
  2. Generic Frontline Spray: Easy to use, safe and help pets combat the symptoms and prevent the attack of fleas.
  3. Generic Frontline Spot On: It is spot on treatment which reduces the pain of your pet and gives them relief from itching, inflammation and other deadly diseases caused by fleas and ticks.

If you want to set your pet free and independent in this week of US independence, then place your order at GenericFrontlinePlus and avail 20% by putting the coupon code   “4THJULY”.US Independence Day Offer

Be a part of US Independence Day Celebration, cherish the moment with your pooch and help them stay blessed and healthy.

Also give them all the essential pet care things which will help them healthy life, provide nutritious food, exercise routines, vaccination and regular veterinarian visits to ensure pet’s health.

Help your pooch lead a healthy life and for that avail running offers at GenericFrontlinePlus. All The Best!


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