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An Insight into Canine Skin Allergies And Respective Reactions In Pet

Skin Allergies In DogPets are getting infected to number of allergies and this number is taking toll in recent years. It has been studied that one in 8 dogs suffers from allergic reactions and resembling symptoms. The experts study report suggests that skin allergies are the foremost cause for which pet owners bring their pet to a veterinarian.

Survey by pet insurance estimated that dogs from almost all the breeds suffer traumatic skin diseases which could be the outcome of food allergies, or they might inhale some allergen or something from the environment such as parasites are disturbing them.

When allergies trigger to our pets the first thing to get affected is skin and the very first thing to notice is skin itching. Your pet with such allergies will scratch continuously throughout the body and will be difficult to handle.

There are four categories for skin allergies in canines:

  • Skin allergies caused by parasites such as fleas and ticks are known as flea allergy dermatitis
  • Those are triggered by drugs and food called as food allergies
  • Those occurred by inhaled allergens such as grasses, molds, dust mites, and tree and weed pollens known as canine atopy
  • Skin allergies caused by irritants that have direct contact with the skin (contact allergies)

It is essential for the pet owner to keep watching the health of pets and to understand the early symptoms of allergies. Clean the fur and while cleaning it watch for bald patches and red bumps caused by fleas and other parasites. Take your pet to a vet for regular checkup so that they can recognize the health change if any.

Maintain the proper diet of your pet; feed them good nutritious food with all the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. Watch for likes and dislikes of your pet and accordingly keep changing the diet as suggested by a vet. Also feed them quality food to avoid allergies.

Make sure that you are pet is playing in a safe environment where the chances of allergens are comparatively less. Take good care of pet also provide them flea preventive medicines such as Frontline Plus for dog with a veterinarian’s permission.


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