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Can Frontline Plus For Large Dog Be Used On Small Dogs? Thankfully, Yes!

One of my friends Mr. Mark, who has small dogs, came to my place. Mark is also using Frontline Plus for Small Dogs regularly to control flea infestation. But his stock is over and he cannot find the correct product from the nearest pet shop. So Mark asked me, can we share Frontline Plus for Large Dogs for my lovely dog?

I was totally unaware of this fact when I researched on this matter and found that we can use Frontline Plus for Large Dogs in small dogs. Frontline Plus is a monthly flea medication to control flea and tick infestation in pets.

Frontline Plus for Large Dogs is a different version made for large dog only. I am using it for my German Shepherd of 115 lbs.

How to share Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus for Large Dogs is manufactured for larger dogs of weight range 40-60 Kg or 89-132 lbs. Single application for large dogs is single pipette. So if have dog of weight range 45-65lbs or 20-30kg, half pipette would be a correct dose. If you even have a small dog, then one fourth dose could be used.. Thus, this is how a Frontline Plus could be used.. But be informed that an extra dose might cause irritation so use recommended dose only. If your dog experience irritation even with calculated dose, reduce dosage.

Store the leftover in same glass vial in safe place. Another secret of doing this manipulation is you can save some money, because Frontline Plus for Large Dogs is cheaper than other versions. So if your dog is comfortable with this method, you can use it.

If you want to order any flea medication, you can order it from Generic Frontline Plus, a trusted online store and you would be amazed with great discounts aimed at all flea medications.

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