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Better Dog Flea Control Tips for Your Pooch

Frontline Plus for DogsDog fleas are such a menace and they must be treated as soon as they appear. Dog fleas cause not only itching and scratching but carry various diseases, which if not treated on time will kill the poor animal.

I too have a dog and here are some flea control tips that I have used. I have shared this with all my readers so that anyone who has a dog or a puppy can use them as well. 

Best Puppy/Dog flea Control Tips

There was a time when the fleas had become very intense but still I did not use any chemical pesticide but here are some other tips, which I followed.

Wash the bedding after every two days

When your pet is suffering from fleas and ticks then it is essential that you wash its bedding or pillow cover after one day. This will keep its bed clean and will kill any hidden fleas and ticks. Keep an extra pair of pillow cover and bed in case the one being used does not dry.

Use natural flea killer shampoo

For effective flea control use an herbal shampoo which will not harm the dog and will be gentle on its skin. You must also make sure to wash it thoroughly after applying shampoo. Bathe the dog after every three days or as suggested by the vet.

Use natural sprays

Use natural spray like neem leaves or rose Mary leaves to keep your dog safe from fleas and ticks. These natural sprays can also be used on puppies, as they have no side effect. This is one of the best flea control methods and safe as well.

Use salt and baking powder to treat fleas

Salt and baking powder are age-old remedies, which can be used to keep dog fleas away. Sprinkle these things evenly on carpet and rugs, leave it overnight, and vacuum clean it in the morning. This will keep fleas and ticks away as salt and baking powder kills these pests.

I have used these flea control tips and all of them were successful. Use them and you will not be disappointed.

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