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Basic To Serious Healthcare Aspect Of Pet Including Fleas And Ticks

Pet care is far more than just cuddling your pet and taking it out for walk. There are various minor details of pet care that are usually overlooked  since most of the time unfortunately pet lovers are not aware of these.

These can be from feeding the pet the right food to grooming it properly and not avoiding basic signs of poor health. So, let us begin with the minor aspect of pet care and then discuss the most serious health issues that pets encounter.

Pet Care From All Aspects

Basic health care aspects of pet

Research on pet food before feeding them  

It is suggested to do some research before you feed your pet food. There are various brands of dog food that claim to have healthy ingredients but unfortunately, they do not have much to offer. This is not good for the pet’s health so it is always better to take suggestion from a registered veterinarian before you choose the right food brand for your pet.

Never overfeed the pet

Dogs are always hungry, it does not matter how properly you feed them, and they will still look into your eyes when you are eating something. Never give food to the dog out of love, as it will just make it over weight. In case you are confused about the feeding guidelines, consult a known veterinarian for this.

Give plenty of fresh water to your pet

Water plays a very essential role in flushing out toxins from the body. This is true for humans as well as animals. So know the right quantity of water your dog needs and ensure it drinks it.  Drinking the right quantity of fresh water keeps many diseases at bay.

Take care of proper bathing schedule of the pet

Bathing the pet is very essential but you must take care not to overdo or underdo it. It is also essential to choose the right grooming product for the pet so that it does not have any discomfort after bathing.

The most serious healthcare aspect of pet

Ticks and fleas often infect pets, thus grooming them properly is very essential in keeping them away from flea and tick infection. If not groomed properly then this pest infection can take serious turn and ruin the pet’s health severely.

Common Symptoms Of Flea And Tick Infection In Your Pet

It is very common for pets to be infected with fleas and ticks thus you must always keep a note on the symptoms of flea and tick infections.

Itching and scratching

When fleas and ticks infect a pet, they remain stuck to their host’s body. When they bite the animal, protein present in their saliva causes considerable itching and the pet scratches itself non-stop all day long, consequently harming itself.

Bumps and pimples

If you observe your pet scratching all day long then you must immediately inspect its skin. Remove its fur and notice for any pimples, bumps or redness etc.

How to check the pet for fleas and tick infection

Flea comb- You must always check the pet with a flea comb at least once a day. In case there are fleas and ticks within its fur, it will surely be detected in the comb.

The white towel test- Keep your pet over a white towel and brush it gently. If you notice black small particles dropping over the towel then it is tick for sure.

The veterinary test- Whenever you notice any unusual symptom in your pet, take it to the vet as soon as possible. Delay will just aggravate the situation.

Save your pet from deadly fleas and ticks by Frontline Plus

Being infected by fleas and ticks is very common in every pet’s life but there are medications that save your pet from the severe consequences of such infections. The most widely recommended flea and tick medication by vets is Frontline Plus. Let see the benefits of Frontline Plus:

Frontline Plus for Dogs

  • Frontline Plus is a cost effective and strong medicine that prevents flea and tick infections
  • In less than 24 hours, it kills all fleas and ticks
  • Stays effective for a period of 30 days or more
  • It is waterproof hence, there is no fear of it being washed away even if the pet plays in water or is given a bath
  • Kills fleas and ticks in all its stages hence there is no fear of re-infestation
  • This medication is available for all breed of dogs and cats with proper marking so that there is no confusion about its usage

Know more about Frontline Plus dosage in removing fleas and ticks.

Taking care of fleas and ticks in pets is very essential. Although there are various aspects of pet care but this aspect must never be ignored at any cost. Make sure that these tiny vampires do not infect your pet at any cost; else, it will not be wrong to say that the pet will die a slow death every day.

The right pet care begins with the right awareness; so along with taking care of pet from all aspects do not forget to give extra attention with regard to flea and tick infections. Frontline Plus is available for both cats as well as dogs, visit GenericFrontlinePlus for more details.

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