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Know More About Effective Cat Flea Medication In Detail

One of the most common questions put forth to a Vet by many cat lovers is “why is my pet still suffering from fleas in spite of flea treatment? The answer to this lies in the following:

  • Lack of proper application of medicine
  • Use of cheap flea medication
  • Lack of proper attempt to clean the surroundings of the pet. This involves both the house and the yard and other places where the pet is likely to go. Nearly 80% of flea infestation is likely to occur in such areas.
  • Quality of cat flea medication such as Frontline for Kitten  is better than flea products this helps in effective eradication of fleas.

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Ingredients in Frontline Plus that kill fleas

During the winter, most of us, including our pets, were made to stay indoors because of extreme low temperatures, but the picture seems to be changing now. As the summer is about to set in, the temperatures start to rise.

This means that pets will have longer strolls in the park along with their owners. They will play around with other dogs that are also out to enjoy the sun.

This puts them on a high alert. Sometimes for strangers while other times for intruders such as  fleas and ticks. Even if they are resting, they would still be conscious about the things happening around them.

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Giving Any Medication To Pet Without Knowledge Could Be Hazardous

Many owners follow the great practice of not giving any kind of medication to relieve the pain of their pets without taking proper permission from a registered veterinarian. This is a good idea as there are numerous medications that humans can only take but they can be hazardous for our furry friends.

Yes, giving just about any medication to pet without prior knowledge could be life-threatening for your pet.

Medications such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Acetaminophen should not be given to pets at any cost as they can cause worst effects to them. It is always a good idea to consult a known veterinarian and ask for a proper medication for pets such as dogs and cats according to their diagnosed problems. Continue reading

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Basic To Serious Healthcare Aspect Of Pet Including Fleas And Ticks

Pet care is far more than just cuddling your pet and taking it out for walk. There are various minor details of pet care that are usually overlooked  since most of the time unfortunately pet lovers are not aware of these.

These can be from feeding the pet the right food to grooming it properly and not avoiding basic signs of poor health. So, let us begin with the minor aspect of pet care and then discuss the most serious health issues that pets encounter.

Pet Care From All Aspects

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Is Water Essential for Survival of Pets

Cats and dogs have a lot of similarities with humans. Just like humans, even their bodies are mainly composed of water. They end up losing water from the body daily through urination, defecation and respiration, just the way humans do. Hence, taking care of the daily water needs of a pet becomes the prime responsibility of a pet owner.

 Why is  water intake on a daily basis essential for a cat or dog?

Drinking water is essential for proper functioning of the kidney and liver in an animal. A well hydrated pet will have a healthy kidney and liver which will not only remove the toxins effectively, but also properly filter the bloodstream.

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12 Cat Myths And Facts Revealed

Are you a believer of cat myths? Myths relating to cats have been in prevalence since the bygone day. Falling for these misconceptions can be quite dangerous.  Most of us are familiar with the cat folk tales and cat mythology doing their rounds from the Stone Age to the present day.

Many myths and facts surround cats since their inception. Whether good or bad, they have always been around and dealt with suspicion.

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Pet Ownership Benefits Revealed

Are you someone who wants to bring a pet home but not able to take the decision, think about this

  • Autistic children at home who may have difficulty in interacting ca be great friends with dogs.
  • Elderly parents and young children left alone at home may feel safe.

No one will enter the property looking at this sign on the main gate!

Pet ownership in different families depends on various factors – right from the security to companionship, the reasons could be varied. Taking care of pet

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Know The Dog Breeds Before Getting It Home

Dogs are best pets, but none are created equal. Though dogs are loyal, loving and considered superior to other pets, each dog is different based on its health, personality and overall popularity. Some dogs are ferocious by nature while some are too soft by nature.

How to select the best dog breed

  • Blindly bringing home a puppy won’t be good if you are planning to make the canine a part of your family.
  • Selecting a canine which will easily adapt to the situations and environment prevailing in your house would help both you and your dog.
  • For this, understanding the different breeds of dogs will equip you to find and bring home the best breed of dog.
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First Aid Tips For Handling Pet Medical Emergencies Of Pets

Pet owners have to be armed at all times to face any medical emergencies arising in pets. Our four legged friends are entirely dependent on us so, we as pet lovers have to take care and be prepared around the clock to counter any medical emergencies that may occur even in the middle of the night.

This could be in the form of any of the following:

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Effective Pet Travel Guide Tips When On Vacation

Have you planned to go on a vacation with your pets this summer? Sure you have packed your bags, checked your tickets and all other necessary arrangements; but have you done the sam for your pets? Travelling with your pets may require a lot of adjustments to be made on your behalf. Once you know how to travel with your adorable pets, you can look forward to having a great vacation. pets may require a lot of adjustments to be made on your behalf.

The first question to ask is, are your pets happy with the travel arrangements that you have made for them?

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