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5 Unsuspecting Places Your Pooch Is Exposed To Ticks


It’s a given thing that fleas and ticks are some of the most menacing enemies of your darling pets such as dogs and cats.

Fleas and ticks do not let dogs and cats enjoy a healthy and happy life as they trigger irritating scratching marked by less eating or rejection of foods and being in isolation and flea control for dog such as Frontline Plus For Dog may be a great option to combat it.

While ticks could be anywhere to attack and make your pooch’s life hell, let’s see 5 of the most unexpected places your dog is exposed to ticks.


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5 Emergency Checklist Items To Keep Your Pet Safe


You might be a great pet buff offering them great foods, luxuries, accessories, flea medications and others and almost everything under the sun to make their lives super comfy, but what about an emergency?

Are you prepared enough to handle a pet health emergency and save him from becoming a part of a disaster? Yes, after being such a pat admirer still being caught unprepared during a pet emergency can feel disgustingly overwhelming!

That’s when there needs to be an action plan that you must initiate soon. Let’s see the 5 emergency checklist items to keep you pet safe and before disaster is banging your door.


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Let’s Keep Dogs Healthy & Cool This Summer


Dogs are very much a part of the family these days and as all efforts are taken to ensure great health and happiness for other family members, dogs are also no exceptions that are taken care of like a child.

However, come summer and there occurs some changes in routine life of all including dogs. While people make some changes in their routine easily, the pets such as dogs can’t communicate on their own and must be taken care of by their owners in some ways to keep them healthy and cool.

Let’s know more!


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Know Your Pet’s Enemies; The Fleas & Ticks!


Yes, they are your pet’s enemies. Either you acknowledge them or not, they have already acknowledged your pets as their potential hosts. Yes, fleas and ticks are what we are talking about!

Time and again, you have been made to believe that if there are any bigger threats to your pets such as dogs and cats, it’s none other than fleas and ticks.

Fleas and ticks are infestations or parasites that do not let your pets enjoy and have a healthy and happy life as they feed on their blood for survival, growth and flourishing.


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Top 3 Basic Yet Vital Pet Care Tips


If you are a pet buff, you must be taking extra care to ensure your darling pets such as dogs and cats are living a life king size.

However, when it comes to reality, despite of being taken care supremely by their owners, pets are still paying the price in terms of health hazards as still some aspects of basic pet care is still being not followed.

However, it is still not that difficult to follow some easy pet care tips and keep pet’s health in great form.

Let’s have a look!


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