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Incredible Health Benefits of Owning A Dog

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It is known that our pooches make our lives even better, but have you ever thought that your pet can improve your health, too? Yes, you can get several health benefits from dogs; from physical fitness to mental health & stability, your pooch can provide a lot of other health advantages. Also, the good news is that these lifesaving advantages of pet guardianship aren’t limited to those who actually have a pet at home; you can just look for an “animal-assisted therapy programs”, too! Check out these health benefits of owning a pet.

Dogs Are Good for the Heart

  • Having a pet, especially a dog, helps lower the risk of heart disease; as, owning a pooch makes you more active; & physical activities are best for you’re the heart
  • Your pooch also improves the heart health by being loving and loyal companions


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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Dog

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Dogs are living with humans since thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean you know everything about dogs! There is more to our furry companions than frolicking and/or fetching. Check out these little-known facts about our furry companions.

Most Diverse-looking Mammals

Pooches show a wonderful diversity in their body shapes. All these diversities make canines an excellent species for scientists to study genes and how they work.

Your Pup Can Make You Ill

They say dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans (which is not really true!), in fact, pooches might carry pathogens that are harmful to humans and dogs can transmit diseases such as rabies. Also, in some cases, dog food can cause food poisoning to humans.


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Special Dog Care in Summer for Dog Flea Control

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Grooming your pooch in the summer helps ease the heat making your pooch a bit more relaxed, cool, and comfortable. However, it is also important to keep in mind that since pets have their own natural cooling system, they do not require as much grooming as we may think. Summer grooming is important to relax your pooch as well as to control dog fleas & for dog flea treatment, as this is also the season of year to be watchful for fleas & ticks and grooming pets regularly is one of the best natural flea control treatments.


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4 Things Your Dog Is Able to Sense about You

Dog Sense

Ask any dog lover and he/she will tell you that these furry companions have that sense with which they can actually understand human emotions. When you feel low, your dog will often act better than usual. Yes,  dogs can respond aptly to your emotions & listen better.

It is no more a surprise that pets are skillful enough to sense intense feelings. Our pets are extremely social animals with a solid emotional connection with other pets. Pets do have their own social bonding rituals & structures, many of which are just like human social structures.

Here is a list of 4 things your dog can sense about you; check out now!


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5 Amazing Ways Dogs Can Save Your Life

Dog Life Saver

Dogs are very special to their owners and we all know that! But, what does it take to make them so special? Is it their unconditional love for you or them being your only reason to head to exercise sessions?

Well, the aforementioned reasons may be most usual ones making dogs so special. There are still many reasons that make dog amazingly special and one of them is the interesting ways they can save your life.

Can’t believe what you just read? Discover more now!


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