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Know About Your Pet’s Oral Health

Is your pet and you one of those who get tensed when it comes to brushing canine teeth? Don’t worry; we will help you out to make all the brushing sessions enjoyable for both of you.

Take things bit by bit from the very beginning and give a lot of admiration and we are sure that you and your pooch will look forward to brushing sessions. But wait, first we need to gather all that’s required for canine teeth brushing.

Let us help you get familiar with the possible oral issues your pooch may encounter; so that you can determine when it is the time to visit your vet for treatment. Continue reading

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5 Dog Park Etiquettes Tips!

Dog parks are fun for your pup, but follow the rules! Be always ready with your pup’s poo bags and leash and do not take your pooch if it does not play “well” with others.

We are sharing here some guidelines to make your ‘Dog Park’ experience even better, for both of you!

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5 Natural Ways To Prevent Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks are the most common parasites that infect both dogs and cats. A fully grown flea seems like a pinhead-sized brown or red dot and will generally be concentrated around the pet’s base of the tail or neck.

Try some simple ways for fleas and tick prevention and control. Continue reading

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7 Reasons To Dress Up Your Pet This Pet Dress Day!

January 14, 2015… It is time again to show your darling pup some appreciation! The National ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’! Just imagine a cutely dressed pet… It will bring smiles to every face that sees them, in person or even in photos!

Apart from this, there are some more reasons to dress up your pooch; so get up, dress up your pet and share the fun with everyone. Let’s unlock some cool pet dressing reasons! Continue reading

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Dog Breeds That Are Hypoallergenic

For the dog lovers who suffer from allergies for those hypoallergenic dog breeds are the best option. There are no breeds that are 100% non-allergenic. The dogs with growing hair or without hair are the most hypoallergenic dogs. Some dogs also need to strictly groom regularly to avoid any types of allergies.

People who suffer from very severe allergies may not be able to stand the hypoallergenic breeds. If you are allergic but love dogs very much, consider some of the hypoallergenic breeds. Spend some time with the breed, check if you suffer from any allergic reactions and decide which dog to own.

Let’s dig a bit deeper! Continue reading

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How To Choose A Right Veterinarian?

When you adopt a pet, you are responsible for the overall care along with the food, shelter, safety and health. For a healthy dog, a good veterinarian is required that helps you to find the exact way to take care of your pet. But you may be confused as to how to choose a right pet expert.

Most of the owners pick out some vets by looking through the phonebook and call the ones nearest to their residences. After few appointments, for one or more reasons they feel uncomfortable with the vet and thinks of changing it again. Thus,  to choose the right one, follow some of the tips as you read the columns down!  Continue reading

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7 Common Health Problems Of Dogs Revealed!

There are many causes that can make the dog sick. A well-cared and healthy dog is less likely to become sick often, but still there are some health problems that can occur. The pet owner should take proper steps to keep their pet healthy.

Regular checkups with routine examination should be done to overcome any health problem. Always keep a watch on your dog for any signs of health issues.

Let’s find some common health problems of dogs. Continue reading

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Aspis Forte Is Now Fiprofort Plus!


Welcome back all pet owners!

Greetings from GenericFrontlinePlus!

At our end, we hope you have been striving to do all your bits, making the life of your beloved pet, even more comfortable in not only letting them stay comfy, but also keeping them safeguarded from the menace of fleas and ticks with the help of our affordable & quality flea and tick medicines! Read on to explore more! 

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6 Steps To Clean Your Dog’s Ear

Cleaning of the dog’s ear is an essential part of the dog grooming. The pet owner should clean it regularly, and it is an easy and simple task if some easy steps are followed.

Let’s check out how to clean the pet’s ear in 6 simple steps. Continue reading

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Let This New Year Party Be Safe For Your Pet!

New Year’s celebration is the best time for all the relatives and friends spend together and celebrate. We all enjoy these parties and fun. But the celebrations, fireworks and guests may not be exciting and safe for your pet.

Thus, make this New Year’s party a fun for your pet by taking some prompt measures. Let’s find here some safety ways for your pet. Continue reading

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