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How To Choose The Right Leash And Collar For Your Dog


Food and water are the two important elements for dogs’ life. The collar and leash is also an important tool. In many of the cities, it is a law of using collar and leash when the dog is outside the house. There are different types of leashes and collars available, but did you know which one is the best?

Let’s find some of the tips here that help you in finding the perfect leash and collar.

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How To Prepare Your Dog For The Festival


Christmas is the special time of the year for enjoyment with friends and relatives. During festivals, we get engaged in making preparations such as buying gifts, decorating the house and Christmas tree, making cakes and other dishes. In all these things, we get very little time to look after the pet. You shall help your pet to cope up with the festival so that he can also enjoy with you.

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Safety Christmas Tips For Your Pet


Christmas is the time of the year when more focus is on the decorations, lightnings and gifts. If you have pet at home, then you should take special precautions as the Christmas tree and the decoration materials can be dangerous for them.

If you want your Christmas tree to be displayed to all and also want the pet to be safe and enjoy the festival, then follow some of the safety tips. Follow Some Of These Safety Tips

  1. Secure and Stable Tree:

Make the tree secure and stable by keeping it in the right place. Use a heavy base so that the tree becomes stable. The pet have curiosity of climbing the tree so place the tree high from the reach of the pet or one can also place it to the ceiling or on wall with a hook.

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Pet Grooming Importance and Tips


It is good to take your pet to the groomer regularly to get it a wash and a cut. But what about the health care in between the visits? It is very important to maintain your pet’s health. So here are some tips which will help you keep the pet healthy.

Start Your Pup Young

It is very important to start the pup young and to be consistent. It is recommend that if you own a new pup, start grooming sessions at an early age; doing so will also make the pup comfortable and used to it. But if you adopt an older dog or cat and if it has not experienced a bath, give it some treats in the tub while bathing it so that it knows that bathing is a positive experience.

Brush and Bathe

‘Always’ brush your dog/cat before bathing it; because if the pet has tangles and if those tangles get wet, it will be even harder to dry it and detangle. Whether it is a cat or a dog, be sure you brush the pet before bathing it.

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How Often You Should Clean Pooch’s Teeth?

How Often You Should Clean Pooch’s Teeth?

Canine dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of good health. Many dogs develop gingivitis, halitosis or periodontitis due to poor oral health maintenance.

It is very important for you, as a pet parent to practice a good ‘at-home’ twice or thrice a week and professional, once in a month, dental care for your pooch at a certified pet vet.

Let’s know some other crucial aspects of pooch oral health care regime.

At-Home Dental Care

Dogs don’t need daily teeth brushing but cleaning their teeth every alternate day will help reduce the plaque buildup. All you would need for brushing and cleaning the teeth is a toothpaste and tooth brush, made especially for canine teeth. Offer a good quality rope or rope toy to your pup to chew on which will help clean its back teeth.

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Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy & White

Dog-oral-healthIn general, the dog foods that you choose for your dog can be beneficial when it comes to its dental health. Dry dog food is usually better than wet food for the oral health of any dog, but you can also supplement wet foods with special treats and toys.

Let’s see some of the types that can keep dogs’ teeth healthy and shiny white.


As mentioned above, dry food, such as kibble, is generally better for dog teeth. When your pet chews on it, its crunchy texture sweeps away the debris and plaque on its teeth. The texture and resistance of dry foods does not just help with tartar and plaque, but also provides an exercise to the dog’s jaw which keeps it healthy and strong. Continue reading

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When To Bathe A Dog After Applying Frontline Plus?


Frontline Plus is one of the top most and effective fleas and ticks prevention products. Frontline products, such as Frontline Plus for Dogs and Puppies, kill adult fleas and ticks and their eggs and larvae on your dog within 24 hours.

The applied dose lasts about a month long, but it is still recommended to use it frequently during parasites’ season. Here are some tips, about bathing a dog after fleas and ticks removal and prevention treatment, to help you

Bathing Before Application

If your pooch has really become dirty and would require a bath then, bathe your dog before treating it. Again, as said above, use a soap-free shampoo in order to keep the natural oils, on your dog’s coat, safe to help medicine spread on the entire body. Apply the medicine once the dog is ‘completely’ dry.

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Dog Sleeping On Its Back? Don’t Worry, It’s Relaxing!


Unlike every one of us, dogs also like to spend some of their time sleeping and they can also change up their positions, such as lying on sides or on tummy or even curling into a ball, occasionally. But all these are quite common positions and it is generally a happy and secure dog that goes belly-up by sleeping on its backs.

  • Security

No matter how much your dog likes to sleep on its back, it will not do it if it does not feels safe and secure. When a dog sleeps on its back it is exposing its most vulnerable area — the belly — to its predator. So it is only dogs that sleep with their belly-up, that are not bothered about predators or other dogs or any other pet in the house that might attack on it as it is sleeping. A dog sleeping in the ‘legs-up’ position also shows that it is a well-fed pooch!
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Owning A Pet Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Dog owning, Pet owning, Cat Owning,

Owning or having a dog or a cat is definitely not a miraculous cure for all the mental illnesses. Having a pet is beneficial only for those people who really appreciate and love domestic animals. If you are simply not a ‘pet person’ then it is not going to help you with any benefits or to improve your health and life. For other people, owning a pet may simply not be practical.

Pets Can Be Destructive At Times

Any pet can have a random accident in the house. Some cats may be prone to scratching the furniture while some dogs may have a habit of chewing on shoes. Such behaviors are common in pets that are left alone for long time and without exercise. In such cases, a proper training can help gradually eliminate these negative or destructive behaviors.

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How Pet Help Improve Your Mood and Health


Most of you as pet owners might know the joy of sharing the lives with your companion pets but many pet owners are unaware of the mental and physical health benefits they can get by snuggling up to or by the pleasure of playing with furry friends. Here are some health benefits one can get from his / her pets

  • A pet does not necessarily have to be a cat or a dog; watching fish in an aquarium can also help reduce the muscle tension and can lower the pulse rate
  • People who have pets are found to be having low  level of blood pressure especially in difficult or stressful conditions and are calmer than those not having a pet.
  • People who have pet have less risk of suffering from depression than those who do not have any pet

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