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Awareness Of Animal Diseases; Protect Your Pet From Common Illnesses


Animal health, including their several diseases, treatments as well as preventive measures is an integral part of animal welfare. You should be aware of animal diseases, symptoms and necessary actions to keep your pet healthy.

Your pet is a faithful companion. It depends on you for its basic needs such as food, shelter and good health care. To help your adorable pooch live a happy and healthy life, you must be aware of common animal diseases, their symptoms and appropriate treatments.

So, let’s see some common animal diseases and protect your pet from them.


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Happy National Veterinary Technician Week; Give Vet Techs Special Recognition!


October 11th- 17th is National Veterinary Technician Week! Vet techs play a crucial role in the everyday operations of veterinary practices.

National Veterinary Technician Week is celebrated in the third week of October every year since 1993 to recognize and understand vet techs and what they contribute to the actual vet community.

The veterinary technician week gives an opportunity to honor vet techs for their outstanding jobs that they do. You should give vet techs special recognition as they work very hard and are always available to take care of your pet and provide proper vet care information.


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World Animal Day; 5 Ways To Celebrate!

World Animal Day

The World Animal Day is celebrated on 4th October every year. The goal of the World Animal Day is to celebrate and rejoice animal life in all its aspects together with humankind’s idealistic relationship with the animals.

So, let’s help you celebrate the World Animal Day with your pet. Here are some ideas on how to enjoy and celebrate such a special day!


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Hug Your Hound Day; 4 Ways To Celebrate!

Hound Day

Hug Your Hound Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of September annually. It was introduced by canine behaviorist Ami Moore.  The aim of the Hug Your Hound Day is to create more and more dog friendly diverse environments in urban areas.

This day is especially dedicated to your darling dog and the way it spends its day. Hug Your Hound Day encourages all dog parents to focus on their lovable dog’s safety, happiness and health and make a  special bond between both of them.

So, let’s celebrate the Hug Your Hound Day by keeping your gorgeous hound healthy and happy.

Here are some tips to keep your hound always healthy and happy!


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How To Give Your Dog A Bath


Dog bath is one of the most important dog care tips that could be passed on to dog lovers to keep their furry pooch clean and healthy. You need to bathe your dog on a regular basis depending on its size, breed and type of coat.

Your dog may not like bathing or it may be scary for it, but with some preparation and knowledge, you can bathe your dog and it may be an excellent experience for it and you as well.

So, let’s see how to bathe your dog by using some dog bathing tips that will definitely help while bathing your pooch.


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