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Flea Hazards & Tips To Treat Them


Beyond the obvious thing that a parasite infestation is maddening, fleas can also cause many health risks to you & your pooch. Fleas usually cause an excessive itching & scratching. These parasites can also cause a bit of discomfort because of possible Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).

Some dogs are highly allergic to the flea bites. Such pets may have an inflammation, rash, and/or hair loss due to flea bites and in response, pets may compulsively over-groom.

Fleas can cause various health risks, including these major issues. Let’s introspect!


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Pet Lice; Signs, Symptoms, & Prevention!

Pet Lice

The thought of your furry love being annoyed by chewing lice is depressing. Well-cared & well-fed pets rarely experience the annoyance of chewing lice bites. Lice are not as common as ticks or fleas.

However, they can cause a little bit of aggravation in some pets, especially those that are too young, ill, or old.

Chewing lice also cause extreme itching and scratching, thus can also drive your pooch crazy with all the biting & crawling. Although lice rarely cause any long-lasting issues, they can still transmit tapeworms to your loving pets.

Check out the signs, symptoms, & prevention of chewing lice.


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Treat Gum Diseases Naturally!

Dog Dental Care

Keeping your pooch’s oral health intact is an essential step to prevent various dental problems & diseases. The most common oral problem affecting canine teeth is Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal disease is an infection &/or inflammation of the bones around the teeth & gums. It all starts with a plaque accumulation, other debris, and bacteria.

At this stage, it’s still easy to remove by regularly brushing the teeth, but if it kept accumulating, mineral salts, present in the saliva, harden it into tartar, a yellowish brown deposit, & can only be removed by your vet or professional cleaning.

Let’s check out some natural remedies to control these oral problems.


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Easy Pets’ Ear Care Tips

Pet Ear Care

A pet’s ears need a regular ear cleaning and monitoring to keep all  ear infections at bay. A basic maintenance is what it generally requires to keep the ears healthy & clean. Taking care of your pooch’s ears is way too easier than you might think.

A good ‘routine ear care’ is safe & includes a weekly inspection and cleaning. A few of the common problems infecting pets’ ears are. 


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Ear Mites In Pets- An Inside Perspective!

Ear Mites

Pets such as dogs and cats, during the course of their life keep falling to various diseases and ailments such as fleas and ticks and even ear mites that make their health to suffer and happiness to vanish sooner than you could blink your eyes.

Let’s focus today on ear mites and show some insights on it so that an owner stays alert and ready to face its blemishes and cure/control it successfully.


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