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Dehydration, Heat Stroke And Hyperthermia In Dogs During Summer

Summer is usually synonymous to happy time. People love to pack their bags and spend more of their leisure time outdoors. It could then be a park or a beach, the joy knows no bounds. Many people also include their dogs in this family outing; and the canines seem to enjoy it equally.

Fleas and ticks are a nuisance to your pets. We already know that. You may also have used flea medication such as frontline plus for dogs and got rid of these pests. However, your pets may suffer from a wide range of seasonal health issues. Summer has its own share.  

However, these pets may sometime face difficulties in coping up with external heat.  As their bodies are different than those of humans, the sensitivity to external temperatures also differs. Sometimes, the dogs may face a serious health conditions during summer.  

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Treat Gastric Ulcers In Horse With Omaktive Oral Paste For Horse

Picture this! You are down with a simple heartburn or acidity issue and have just been asked to perform many urgent tasks; what would be your condition? Yes, you would have a harrowing time as this brings in an intense discomfort; just imagine your darling pet horse trying to do or perform many intense physical works with a stomach ulcer.

Treat Horse Gastric Ulcers Easily With Omaktive Oral Paste For Horse 370 Mg

A clinical sign of gastric ulcers in dogs is common and may not be seen, but could pave way for a slight attitude change, a sudden level of decrease in performance and a reluctance to train.

Not to worry as it has been observed that gastric ulcers are a common thing in horses to appear and depends on type of intense physical exercises they are engaged in a daily life and it can be addressed easily with Omaktive Oral Paste For Horse 370 mg. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Your Dog Is Always Hungry

Dog owners are extremely touchy and emotional about their dog and always want to give them the world. They are unable to say ‘no’ to any demand or gestures of their canines and food offering is one thing that tops this list.

Yes as we all know that dogs always up for foods even when they have just been fed which is normal. However, things start to take an ugly turn when the dog starts to stay extremely hungry which may not only be a concern for an avid dog lover but also puts the pooch under the risk of some diseases. 

Always Being Hungry Is Sign Of A Disease

Let’s see the possible reasons behind your dog’s ever increasing and never decreasing appetite so that it can be cured earlier easily. Continue reading

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9 Signs Of Heart Disease In Dogs Not To Ignore

Your dogs are your favorite entity and you love him to death and ensure he gets everything that makes him happy.

Any issues with your dog such as fleas and ticks and many more simply bothers you to the core so what would be your reaction when he is diagnosed with a serious heart disease?

Beware, Dogs Are Prone To Heart Diseases!

Yes, with some visible signs on your dog, you can not only take precautions, but also get a certified pet vet on board to address the issue easily. Continue reading

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Dog Obesity- An Inside Perspective!

Obesity is a disease in itself and it’s a known fact to all of us. Obesity, when it happens to a dog also means a menace for him and the dog owner to manage and conquer.

The situation not only puts under threats to develop various lifestyle diseases, but become a symbol of boredom and no longer brings the house down with ultimate activeness and breeze of activities.

Beware Dog Lovers, Obesity May Kill Dogs!

Other than fleas and ticks being numero uno enemies of canines, let’s also try to understand how even obesity could not be behind disturbing a dog to the core. Continue reading

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How To Spend The Perfect Day With Your Dog

It has been ages since you took your beloved dog out for a treat and your jobs has not been giving you enough time to give them to your pet then why not plan a day with your companion and also know the perfect way to spend a day with them.

A Happy Dog Is A Healthy Dog

Dogs and cats love to spend time with their owners as they simply adore all the affection and warmth and as a result, taking them out on such a date would help them not only stay happy but also healthier in many ways.

So, why to wait, let’s spill the beans as we help you spend a perfect day with your pooch. Continue reading

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It’s High Time To Let Fleas Rest In Peace

Fleas, you name it to any pet lover and its set to send tremors and chills down their spines as it’s one of the most miserable things that could happen to any pet mostly including dogs and cats.

As it’s a known fact that fleas makes the life of a dog or cat plain miserable and dejected, it’s high time to chalk out some tips to let fleas rest in peace.

Kill Fleas On Dogs Now

In addition to skin irritation, hair loss and discomfort caused by flea bites; please be informed to know that fleas can easily cause much more havoc than even dreamed of such as allergic dermatitis, iron deficiency and tapeworm’s transmission to animals and humans both.  Continue reading

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Human Foods Your Dogs Must Not Consume

Emotions are one aspect of us, but it must not be mixed or complicated with truth and practicality as it could lead to disasters. Let’s put it up straight for you.

It’s a known fact that the dog owners are quite emotional about taking care of their dogs in all possible manners. They treat canines as their very own family members, accepted, but things go haywire when the human foods start to be fed to them without knowing their ill-effects.

Human Foods Not To Be Fed To Dogs

Showing love and affection to dogs are good, but this shall not reach such an extent that it goes over the board and becomes a huge problem, especially for the dog.

In our quest to provide you with all info related to pet care, dished out are human foods that you must not feed to your pooch and for God’s sake, keep your emotions aside, it could be dangerous for your beloved dogs. Continue reading

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Some Surprising Fleas’ And Ticks’ Facts To Ponder On

We all know that fleas and ticks are major enemies of cats and dogs and must be kept in control or cured in order to let the canine and kitty live healthy and blissfully. Let’s learn some of the major facts about fleas and ticks today to address them even more vehemently.

Dog Cleaning Daily Can Also Keep Fleas And Ticks Away

Knowing more about fleas and ticks would not only help in learning about them, but would also aid a pet lover to take preventive measures easily in the event of infestations. Read On To Know More! Continue reading

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Know More About Effective Cat Flea Medication In Detail

One of the most common questions put forth to a Vet by many cat lovers is “why is my pet still suffering from fleas in spite of flea treatment? The answer to this lies in the following:

  • Lack of proper application of medicine
  • Use of cheap flea medication
  • Lack of proper attempt to clean the surroundings of the pet. This involves both the house and the yard and other places where the pet is likely to go. Nearly 80% of flea infestation is likely to occur in such areas.
  • Quality of cat flea medication such as Frontline for Kitten  is better than flea products this helps in effective eradication of fleas.

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