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How Pet Help The Patients Of Alzheimer’s Disease Or Dementia


A friendly pet, a cat or a dog, can be a magical addition to families coping with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as pets offer unconditional love and give a sense of purpose.

Alzheimer’s patients may show a wide variety of behavioral issues. Having a pet can help these patients in following ways:

  • Help fight depression.
  • They have fewer anxious outbursts.
  • The playful interaction and a gentle touch from a quiet and well-trained pet animal can help soothe these patients and can lessen their aggressive behaviors.
  • They suffer less stress.
  • A great source of opportunities for socialization.
  • It is incredible how a friendly pet brings positive response and a smile to people’s face.
  • They bring fun into lives. When a patient watches a pet jumping to catch a feather or chase a ball; it brings back the lost sense of fun. This joyful environment helps other family members too.
  • Pets provide sensory stimulation. Having an animal in a patient’s lap or to be by her/his side gives comfort and can even decrease anxiety and agitation.
  • Pets provide a reason to get outside. People with dementia or Alzheimer’s and many other old people mostly spend their time indoors. Thus, walking a dog provides them a reason to get out of the house and being out provides sensory stimulation (the sight of trees and flowers, smell of fresh flowers and so on) to such patients.

Having a pet also help a caregiver of Alzheimer’s patient in some way as pets and their playfulness distracts such patients from stress and reduce anxiety. So take care of the pet as well. Visit a certified vet regularly for general checkups and check for external parasites such as fleas, as it can be dangerous for other family members, too.

Use best quality fleas and ticks control medicines such as Fiprofort Spot On for Dogs, Frontline Spot On for Small Dogs. You can get these medicines from the comfort of your home at GenericFrontlinePlus at reasonable prices.

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Fun In The Sun For You Can Be Dangerous For Your Dog


Do you like to enjoy being out in the sun and enjoy all the warmth of it especially in the winter season? Yes, that’s a common human aspect. But, if you are a dog owner, being too much out in the sun and do many activities with him can lead to issues not for you but for your canine friend. Let’s give you a quick insight.

Hot Cars & Overheating

When you get in a hot car, you are already cooler and can also sweat to cool off more. But your dog can’t do that. Dogs sweat only through their bottoms of the feet and ears. Continue reading

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How To Apply Advantix On Your Dog


Parasites trouble pets and the owners. These parasites threaten the health of our precious friends and thus you cannot enjoy with each other. But spot on flea and ticks removal treatments offer immediate and complete protection from this threat.

Advantix is one the best flea treatments for dogs. It applies in seconds and provides a long lasting, up to a month, and complete protection from parasites. Just make sure your dog does not roll all over the floor and rub the treatment off immediately after the application. Continue reading

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How K9 Advantix II Is Effective For Flea Removal?

advantix for flea control

Parasites can aggravate your pet and can affect the way you bond and play with each other. Moreover, parasites can also put your pet’s health at risk.

Thus, it becomes important to not only prevent their menace but also take up niche quality medication for it. Let’s see one of the effective flea treatment modes!

K9 Advantix II treatment:

K9 Advantix II provides long lasting protection against parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It not only kills parasites but also repels these pests. It is one of the best treatments for fleas. Continue reading

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Take Care Of Pet Dental Care Now

dog-dental-carePet dental diseases are nowadays one of the most common health problems in pets. In fact, it is one of the most overlooked health issues in pets. About 70–85 % of pets of the age of 2 and above have some kind of dental issues. Thus, apart from other health care, it is important to take care of the teeth of your pet, too. Continue reading

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Most Common Dog Health Problems

Dog health issues, dog health problems

There are many reasons and causes for your dog to get sick. But the most common, which almost every dog suffers from, health issues, could be classified under various categories.

Let’s see some of the most common dog problems so that dog owners can stay alert and take necessary action on time.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Urinary issues are very common in dogs. It is really very annoying to deal with a dog that pees in the house. You might think that it is just a behavioral issue or may be lack of training. But your pet may have an infection of the urinary tract. The signs of UTI are:

  • Lethargy
  • Excessive urination
  • Inappropriate urination
  • Increased thirst

Continue reading

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Go, use Frontline Plus And Kill Ticks And Fleas

My dog has just been diagnosed with a painful health condition called dog fleas and ticks. I have not seen my dog in such a pathetic condition before. He has stopped responding to my cues for food, walk and much more and guess what not even touching to see his favorite chicken dish once he used to relish like anything.Frontline Plus For Extra Large Dogs

He is having fleas and ticks so what shall I do? I took advise from one of my friends whose dog had had fleas and ticks a month back. He suggested me taking flea tick Frontline Plus, one of the choicest methods to keep the menace of dog fleas and ticks away. Continue reading

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Gastric Ulcer In Horses; Prevention and Treatments


Stomach ulcers are normal in humans but many people may not know that they are common in horses, too. And most of the ulcers in horses are man made and not natural; because ulcers are actually uncommon in wild horses and in horses that feed on large amounts of acreage.

A scientific study shows that about 90 % of racehorses and 60 % of show horses get affected with ulcers and due to the stressful and hectic training schedule.

Preventing the ulcer:

Horses should be fed no less than 50 %

  • Reduce time in the stalls
  • Reduce grain food in the diet; instead, feed them frequently with the small meals of grain

Continue reading

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Let’s Keep The Dog Fit

dog fitness, Dog health care, Healthy Dog, Dog fitness tips

Fitness does not relate to exercise only; the things such as healthy diet, socialization, and mental stimulation—to keep your dog fit—are all important, too.

Being a part of the family

Almost all dogs love socializing, they are the social creatures that needs interactions with humans and with other dogs. Dogs that are ignored for a long time of the day or spend their days in the yard will not be happy.

The more your pet is welcomed or involved in everything you or your family does, the more you all will enjoy the bonding. So treat the dog as a family member.

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Dog Scratching Too Much? It Could Be Fleas Or Allergies!

It is all normal for pets to scratch, but an intense and sudden scratching issue could be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Dog itching, causes of dog scratching, dogs flea and ticks symptoms

Moreover, apart from allergy, it can be a sign of boredom, dry skin, pain, hormonal imbalances or even a parasite infestation! So, it is important for you to determine why your dog is scratching, especially if the behavior is prolonged and intense in nature.

What To Check For?


Dogs can be allergic to many things such as grasses, plants, chemicals that are used to spray in gardens or even food allergies.

Continue reading

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